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Happy Valentine’s Day – Etsy Style

Celebrate Valentine’s Day the handmade way with Etsy. With so many items, I couldn’t possibly look at everything that would be perfect for Valentine’s Day, but I found a few things that might make a wonderful gift for your sweetheart, or yourself. They will probably still be wonderful after Valentine’s Day, too.

His Hers CupsHis and Hers Coffee Cups by Alina Hayes Ceramics


Be Delicious Shea Butter Soap by Two Rivers Soap Company


Fuchsine Earrings by AntiGenre


Queen Ann’s Lace Wrap Dress by Makool

Happy Valentine’s day.

3 thoughts on “Happy Valentine’s Day – Etsy Style

  1. Ugh – that’s just what I needed… more coffee cups tempting me “buy me, you must buy me, you don’t have enough with the 10 or so that you already have, buy me!”

  2. Haha… they are beautiful, aren’t they? 🙂

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