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I Wish I Could Knit

Baby Uggs by Knittinchick

I can’t knit. I once knew how to crochet, but I forgot, and I haven’t had the patience (or more importantly, the dexterity) to learn again. I satisfy my desire to knit and crochet by drooling over the beautiful scarves, sweaters, and wrist warmers I see on Etsy and arranging trades with people who know how to knit. A good friend of mine has agreed to knit me a scarf in exchange for a tote bag.

Last month, I serendipitously ended up in a trade with Knittinchick: a pair of hand knit baby Uggs in exchange for a wristlet. I mentioned before that I don’t have a baby, but I expect to have one some day and she or he will need stylish footwear. A bonus is that me suddenly having a pair of baby booties around has really freaked out SciFi man, who isn’t so sure about this whole baby thing just yet. Knittinchick’s baby Uggs arrived in the mail yesterday and they are just adorable. Tan, with little red bottoms! Someday, some baby is going to look very cute. Now, I’ve got to get that wristlet in the mail!

4 thoughts on “I Wish I Could Knit

  1. Hahahah…I can see SciMan opening that mail and dropping them on the floor, backing away in horror of what that might suggest…..hahahaha….

  2. These are totally adorable! I found something similar, but these look more authentic.

  3. These are super cute and some baby someday will look adorable in them. I had crocheted a pair of pink cowgirl booties for my own little one, way back when. Given where she ended up, maybe they sealed her destiny, lol!

  4. OMG, I absolutely love those…they are so cute. SciFiMan will come around. 🙂

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