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Ice Storm = Productivity

We had our second ice storm in as many weeks today, and it looks like it’s going to continue into tomorrow. It was bad enough that the university was closed and I got to spend the day at home, instead of at work. I planned ahead this time and went grocery shopping yesterday, so SciFi Man and I were able to watch a House episode we hadn’t seen and warm ourselves up with beef stew from the crock pot and biscuits.

Paisley Sea Denim Card Wallet

I also finished up a bunch of card wallets I’ve been working on through the week and listed them in the shop. I’ll try to do a few more tonight and get them listed tomorrow. I’ve got some pretty cranberry red ones coming up next that I think are going to be lovely. One of the wallets I posted today is a bit more environmentally friendly that my other wallets have been. It includes a denim lining made from recycled jeans. The jeans were still in great condition, and I hated to see them go to waste, so they went to wallets instead. I think it makes the wallet a bit more “heavy duty,” too.

If you’ve read many of the recent posts on this blog, you know I’m interested in doing what I can to have a smaller impact on the environment, so the idea of recycling clothing into something new appeals to me. But what do you think of the idea? Would you buy a new product made from recycled fabric?

3 thoughts on “Ice Storm = Productivity

  1. Totes, yes! I love recycled stuff. I have a couple of wristlets made from vintage, recycled fabric and I get so many great comments on them.

  2. Absolutely! Vintage and recycled fabric can be very cool, and add just the right touch.

  3. Snow storm = two kids in the house bouncing off walls and a visiting brother so no work got done what-so-ever! It sure seemed like a good day when it started tho. We had fun tho, so I can’t complain.

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