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Design a Day – Day 2: Midnight Garden Wristlet

Midnight Garden Patchwork Wristlet

I put together another wristlet on Sunday. I used some of my favorite Tracy Porter fabrics, the purple one I call “midnight garden” and the olive green one. Sorry, I don’t know their real names. I made this one for someone who says her favorite colors are purple and green. I hope she likes it!

Midnight Garden Patchwork Wristlet in Action

Design a Day came along at the same time I’ve been feeling a desire to clear off my crafty to do list, and it feels good to cross off one more thing. So at least until the to do list is finished (is that possible?) Design a Day’s rewards are twofold: the joy of creating something new and the joy of easing that ever present burden of things that must get done. I just hope Design a Day doesn’t itself become a to do list burden. I’ll do my best to keep it off my list.

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