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It’s Spring! (Somebody tell the weather.)

The first day of spring was lovely, but surprisingly windy, and gave me hope that the weather was finally catching on. Alas, it was not. I even saw a tiny bit of freezing rain on my way to lunch today. Not cool, spring. In better news, spring began with an unexpected package from Stampin’ Up. I answer surveys for them, and occasionally they surprise me with a box of goodies in return. They’re like little surprise gifts, the way they always turn up when I least expect them. This one included some nice ink pads and a complete alphabet set. How timely! I have been thinking lately that I could make use of an alphabet stamp set.

I hope you all had a lovely first day of spring and Easter! I could see from many of the blogs I read that there was lots of egg-dyeing and candy afoot. SciFi Man and I ended up going out to celebrate, and it was nice to not have to do all the cooking. Especially since there were just the two of us. Then I balanced my books for Anodyne Design and prepared everything to take to our tax person tomorrow. I know, talk about Easter fun.

5 thoughts on “It’s Spring! (Somebody tell the weather.)

  1. Sorry the weather hasn’t been cooperating! At least you had such a nice treat on your doorstep to make up for it – thanks for the link, I hadn’t heard of them before 🙂

    Sending you wishes for sunnier days!

  2. Yay! Spring!! It’s finally sunny here,still alittle windy, but the daffodils,hyacynthe’s and bluebells are blooming.
    Good luck with the taxes! We did all that in February…kind of scarey as it was my first year.

  3. Well…you’re ahead of me. I’m the queen of tax procrastination this year!

  4. Ugh, taxes. At least it’s all done now and you can relax!

  5. I love packages, and surprise packages of things you actually like are the best…err reminding me of taxes are you, I guess I should set something up too

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