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After Easter Sale

Easter Jars

I love how quickly holiday merchandise gets marked down the day after. I hadn’t planned to go out looking for marked-down Easter items (although SciFi Man is definitely a fan of day-after holiday candy), but we ended up seeing some leftovers while we were at the grocery store. SciFi Man found his candy (always peanut butter cups), and I came across these cute little jars. At $2.00 a jar, I was happy to pick one up. And SciFi thought we might as well get all three. He’s a keeper. Now I’ve got pretty little jars to keep my craft odds and ends.

3 thoughts on “After Easter Sale

  1. Those are great! No one would know they were Easter rejects.

  2. Such happy little jars! Great find…gosh I love a good deal 🙂

  3. So cute and what a great deal!

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