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A Good Thing About Credit Cards

I have a credit card that I love. It’s one of those rewards cards and it gives me points I can redeem for all sorts of items, gift cards, air plane tickets, and other things. I wouldn’t like the points so much if they came along with a pile of credit card debt. While we put most of our expenses on our credit card, we make a point of not spending more than we actually have. That way we can pay the card off in full each month, avoid a finance charge, and collect our points. We had been saving the points up for awhile to put towards a fancy TV for SciFi Man, but recently decided that it would be more responsible to put them towards my student loan, which is another of the nice rewards I can choose from. We saved up enough points to pay off over $1000 of my student loan debt, without actually getting into any credit card debt. That feels pretty good.

4 thoughts on “A Good Thing About Credit Cards

  1. This post makes me so jealous – you have far more discipline that my husband and I and boy do we have the debt to prove it. One of our New Year’s resolutions was to pay off our debt this year (and live like more responsible adults, like you!) 🙂

    Congratulations too on paying down the student loan – those stinkers can be a real monkey on your back!

  2. That is cool. We do the same thing with our credit cards. Save up the points. We are using ours towards our Florida vacation this summer.

  3. I do this with my card. I charge some utilities, groceries, anything I know I can pay off that month. One card has rewards for my son’s college education, the other I can cash in for gift certificates to shops which I can use at Christmas time.

  4. Man, your uses for points sound much more fun than mine. A trip to Florida? That would be awesome! Something tells me I’ll still be collecting points once the student loan is paid off, though, so maybe I’ll plan a trip then. 🙂

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