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Fun With Data: Etsy Listings and Transactions

Last night I decided to download all my monthly Etsy bills and enter the data into a spreadsheet. You can download your Etsy bills in CSV format (a nice, friendly format you can import into most any spreadsheet program) and instantly have nice, orderly access to sales, listing, renewal, and payment data. I was curious about whether my hunch that I sell more when I list more was based in reality, or just wishful thinking. I made up a chart that looks at frequency of listings and sales per month. Here it is (isn’t it pretty?):

Etsy Listings & Sales for Anodyne Design

I probably could have examined this much more thoroughly, but I really just wanted a quick visual, and for that, this chart suffices. It does appear that sales increase right after a list, and tend to drop off as my listing drops off, too. I suppose it would be harder to notice this trend in the data if I was a maniac about listing… of course, maybe I would sell more, too. Do you ever make nerdy spreadsheets and graphs of your Etsy data?

4 thoughts on “Fun With Data: Etsy Listings and Transactions

  1. Oh yeah I do! 🙂 I have all sorts of spreadsheets – and have yet to try this one, but after seeing yours I’m going to! Now if only I could get the Mr. to do this stuff for me, so I could continue to list! 🙂

  2. I wouldn’t know how to do it..I am lucky I know how to leave comments on someone’s blog..I am getting better.

  3. I’ve got spreadsheets, but not a graph! How’d you do it???

  4. I love the colors and graphics of your chart – I want one too! Thanks for putting this up – got to check this out. PS: I’ve seen sales go down this spring too. Think it’s the economy? Thanks again.

    {:-Deb, the storybeader

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