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Today had an unexpected start. Just after 4:30 this morning, much of the midwest (but especially my little corner of it) was shaken by a 5.2 magnitude earthquake. That may be no big deal for Californians, but in Illinois, we don’t get too many earthquakes. This one was strong enough to wake us up and rattle the house.

3 thoughts on “Earthquake!

  1. Eek! That would totally freak me out!

  2. Oh boy, that would have really made me nervous.
    That isn’t a small mag..either. Had to give a few good rumbles..

  3. That is pretty substantial. I think my mom still has our t-shirts that say “I survived the northridge earthquake” I think it was much higher than was reported. The number kept on going up and I think because they were trying to get around insurance stuff. Glad it just shook you a bit

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