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Earth Day

Target Design

Today was Earth Day. I was afraid I missed it, but a quick check of Wikipedia assures me that it’s still Earth Day today. This weekend, I picked up one of Target’s reusable shopping bags. They have them in the dollar spot for .99, which is a price you can’t argue with. What I love is that they have two types of affordable, reusable bags and the “smaller” one (which still seems quite roomy to me) folds up into it’s own pouch and easily fits into my purse. The pouch serves as a pocket when the bag is open. With it so easy to fold up the bag, I have no reason not to just keep it in my purse, ready to use even on unplanned shopping trips. Also, they are bright red and have a pretty graphic tree design on them. I’m thinking I should have purchased a few more. You can read more about Target’s reusable bags at Sustainable is Good.

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  1. I’m completely trained to bring my own bags grocery shopping but I seem to forget when I go shopping anywhere else (bad me). I can totally keep a bag in my purse at all times… why didn’t I think of that? These bags are cute.

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