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GPS Pouch

GPS Pouch - Front View

SciFi Man and I are moving in a month. We drove up to our new area over the weekend, to search for a place to live, and that seemed like a good opportunity to try out our new GPS device. It’s so cool–I don’t think we could get lost if we tried. I think my favorite feature, though, is the “points of interest.” I don’t know how comprehensive it is, but if I ask it to look up restaurants, wineries, post offices or whole list of other types of locations, it tells me what places are nearby.

GPS Pouch - Back View

GPS Pouch in Action!

SciFi Man is very responsible and noted that it probably wasn’t very wise to leave the GPS in the car, so we (read, me and my purse) needed to carry it with us. He asked me to sew up a little carrying case for it. So I created a GPS pouch, similar to my card wallets, but larger, padded, and with a velcro closure (I didn’t want to be pressing snaps against it.) I put a little pocket on the back for any incidentals we may need to carry along. I’m pretty pleased with how it turned out. What do you think?

12 thoughts on “GPS Pouch

  1. Good idea. How big is it? I’m not sure how big those GPS things are.

  2. Such a great idea! The Mr. needs something like that, agreed that it so much better than shoving it in my purse! ‘Cept he also always pulls the suction cup thing off too…

  3. Looks so much better than the black vinyl case they come with. And it looks like it would protect it better.

  4. I love that fabric! What a cute pouch.

  5. That is quite awesome! Out of necessity… 😉 Gosh I love pouches for all kinds of reasons and seasons!

  6. What a great idea! This is adorable! If I didn’t have an older GPS that is the size of a small football I would totally be begging for one for myself!

  7. This is such a great idea! You really thought of everything. I like how padded it is to keep the contents safe.

  8. I think that was a very smart purse..Really protects your GPS..and I might add, very chic looking.

  9. This is lovely…. really love the fabric that you’ve used

  10. Great idea. I’m thinking I could use a pretty padded camera case!

  11. what a smart idea. I just had my first GPS experience too but yours sounds even more amazing. They are so cool!

  12. Beautiful work, and I love love love that fabric.

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