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Summer Napkin Swap

Summer Napkin Swap

I did some sewing over the weekend and made up some new cloth napkins. They’re much prettier than paper napkins, and I feel good about not wasting paper napkins or paper towels, too. They can also be quick and easy to make. So I decided it would be fun to start a summer napkin swap at Swap-Bot for handmade cloth napkins. I hope you’ll join me and trying making some cloth napkins, too.

If you haven’t made cloth napkins before, here are some tutorials to get you started. I think you’ll quickly see that they are simple and there’s no one way to make them.

2 thoughts on “Summer Napkin Swap

  1. I am going to check out the tutorials..Thanks for the great blog..

  2. Thanks! I hope you find something you’ll want to make. 🙂

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