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Heart-o-Tron 3000

hearts.jpgI know a lot of Etsy sellers are already familiar with the Heart-o-Tron 3000. I’ve known about it and forgotten it and recently rediscovered it, now that I’m listing new items in the shop again. Whether it’s brand new to you or something you’ve known about for awhile and forgotten about, the Heart-o-Tron 3000 is worth checking out. It provides a quick way to check how many hearts your Etsy shop has. You can also easily see how many hearts your individual items have, who left those hearts, and how many views each item averages per heart. Definitely faster than going through your shop item by item.

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2 thoughts on “Heart-o-Tron 3000

  1. Oh my gosh! Thank you for sharing this tool. I can’t believe that after over a year on Etsy I had no idea it existed.

  2. I love checking my hearts this way! It’s so much more efficient.

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