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New Napkins and a Flickr Group

Eat Your Vegetables Cloth Napkins

I made up a pretty little set of 4 cloth napkins for the shop this week. I love the little carrots on the fabric. I bought it almost a year ago because I thought they were so cute, and only just now found the right project for it. As I mentioned before, I have been making cloth napkins for my own use. I’ve been pretty satisfied with them, and particularly happy about not wasting paper napkins or paper towels, so I thought it would be good to make some for others, too.

While I’m making things, I decided to create a new Flickr group for handmade items for your kitchen (like cloth napkins, but also anything else you’d use in your kitchen), called Handmade Kitchen. Please join and share all the wonderful things you’ve made for your kitchen. You can also share handmade things you’ve purchased for your kitchen, or things you’ve made for someone else’s kitchen. I can’t wait to see all the creative things you’ve been working on!

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