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A New Lightbox


I put together a new lightbox for myself tonight. The last one I had did not make the move with me, and I’ve been struggling to take nice photos without one. I followed the tutorial on Photodoto to make the one pictured above. It’s simple and quick to put together, and all you really need are a couple of pieces of poster board, an exacto knife, and some tape or glue. On Photodoto they use fancy flashes to illuminate the lightbox. I don’t have a lot of fancy photo equipment, so I settled for two desk lamps I had on hand. I think they do the job pretty well. You can see in the picture I immediately put the lightbox to work with a new wristlet. You can check out the resulting photos in the listing.

Of course, lightboxes aren’t just for pretty pictures of inanimate objects. They also make for pretty pictures of pretty kitties.

Roo in the Lightbox

5 thoughts on “A New Lightbox

  1. Great idea! I need to make one of these bad boys.

  2. Hm. This looks pretty easy to make. Definitely worthwhile- your photos will thank you!

  3. Yay for light boxes! I really need to build myself one…Ive been taking photos outside, but this time of year in Alabama is just TOO HOT…so thanks for posting the link to the tutorial! And might I add that is a pretty kitty indeed : )

  4. I really need to make myself a light box one of these days. It’s esspecially hard to take pictures in the winter here in the north.

  5. This is perfect. Thank you for the idea. I needed this!

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