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Matchy-Matchy Napkins

Matchy-Matchy Napkins

This is a set of four handmade napkins all tied up and ready to go. I took the opportunity of a napkin swap to try out the instructions for Mixy-Matchy Napkins in Bend-the-Rules Sewing, although I guess you’d have to call this napkins Matchy-Matchy. The instructions are simple and just call for hemming the edges. Although I’ve made several different kinds of cloth napkins, this was one method I hadn’t used before. It was easy, although Amy Karol was right when she warned that it can be hard to sew over the very top of the hems, because the fabric can bunch up in your machine. I’m not thrilled that the back of the napkins is the wrong side of the fabric, but for everyday napkins it’s something I can live with. I’ll definitely be making myself a set of these.

3 thoughts on “Matchy-Matchy Napkins

  1. I really like those, that fabric really pops

  2. What beautiful fabric and what a great job you did..
    They are lovely..

  3. I have Bend the Rules on my book wish list! The napkins are adorable.

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