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A Housewarming Gift

Housewarming Napkins

I put together another set of matchy-matchy napkins (a la Bend-the-Rules Sewing) for a housewarming gift this past weekend. My old college roommate moved into her first home, and I thought she might need a few reusable napkins while she’s there. SciFi Man helped pick out the fabric.

I got two new sewing books this past week, too: Sew What! Skirts and Sew U. It may take me a little time before I can really get into them, but I’ve already leafed through them and I can’t wait until I find that time. But first, more writing (which is why the blog has been a little slow these days.)

2 thoughts on “A Housewarming Gift

  1. In the newspaper Sunday there were directions on how to make felt bands for drinking glasses, to catch the sweat.

    You’ve officially become craft-girl, because my first thought was of you. As in “Wow, I bet if Shannon made those, they’d be prettier, the fabric would be way cooler.”

    I hope this is a good thing 🙂

  2. I have both of those books and love them. I haven’t tried anything from Sew U yet, but I think I’ve read through it and looked at the projects at least three times now 😉

    Loving the matchy-matchy napkins you’ve been making! I bought myself a cute little wooden box to keep all my cloth napkins in back when I bought that OTHER book you’ve been mentioning. I haven’t made any napkins for myself yet!

    Enjoy your bloggy break…hope you get everything accomplished that you set out to!

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