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Inspired By…

Lately, I’ve been feeling inspired by…

  • Canary Girl’s delicious Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies. I made a batch of these for SciFi man and they were gone in no time. I should have listened to her advice and made a double batch. The cookies are perfect: soft and thick and tasty. SO good. I’d post a picture, but we ate them all before I could take one. I’m making a new batch today.
  • SouleMama’s bread bags. What a great idea. And I know a baker who definitely needs a few of his own. I sense a project coming on.
  • Reusable sandwich wraps from Betz White and snack bags at re-nest. I love the idea of finding another way to stop sending plastic to a landfill.
  • Google Reader’s Next button via HELLOmynamisHeather. I love being able to check my RSS feed and still see new posts in the form in which they were intended to be seen, all with a single click. If you use Google Reader, you should definitely give the Next button a try.
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