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More New Bags!

I made a few more tote bags.


Market Flowers Tote


I took SciFi Man’s advice and added a few interior pockets. He was right, they do make the bag better. And I think they look cute.


Inside Pockets


And then I listed them in the shop, to share the goodness. They are so perfect for spring, which seems like it might finally be settling in to stay.

One thought on “More New Bags!

  1. Wendy gave me your site info. What a professional job you are doing… Did you know that all of Gramps sisters and Mom sewed everything they could find to make as well? I use to make everything for my little family too. so you are coming from a long line of people who knew what to do with a sewing machine… or needle! Bags are such a hot thing again…going green and all, have you thought maybe of making slightly bigger ones, with a waterproof liner in the bottom and maybe up the side an inch or so? Could work for wet bathing suits as well as a 1/2 gal of milk etc. Your fabric selections is very classy. Right on!

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