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Cute Stationery

Family Card

How cute is this? While I was replenishing my business card stash at Vista Print, I took advantage of some of their other free offers, including the one for free cards. The design I picked allowed you to create little cartoons of your family members (including beloved pets). I love having personalized stationery, and you can’t beat free.

Also, SciFi Man and I are loving this chana masala recipe at Thimble. If you like Indian food, you should definitely give this one a try. It’s the best chana masala recipe I’ve found, and it’s quite easy, which makes it extra nice. Mmm, chickpeas!

2 thoughts on “Cute Stationery

  1. Those are definitely cute! Do you get to pick out different types of faces/hairstyles/colors? That’s super neat.

  2. Yes, you get to personalize all the features. Nathan isn’t super thrilled that I picked the mouth with the tongue sticking out, but I thought it was cute. 🙂 They even let you personalize the animals.

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