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Bag Love

It sounds repetitive after awhile, but every new creation seems to be my favorite. Until I make another one, and then that one is my favorite. It’s hard to have so many favorites! But it is comforting to know that even if I have to part with a favorite, as I often do, the next thing I make will be the best thing ever again. I say all this by way of introducing you to my new favorite, the Carefree Wristlet.

Carefree Wristlet

I created this pattern at the beginning of the week, and was just itching to get through my work days so that I could make more. (Maybe you can guess what my plans are this weekend!) I hadn’t originally planned to include the button, but when I finished the wristlet it seemed like it needed just a little more embellishment. Pleats are pretty, but I think the button just makes it look finished. I made the covered button into a pin, since I imagine not everyone may think it’s as cute as I do. Or maybe they will want to move it around, or replace it with another pin. Either way, a pin opens up possibilities that a plain old button just can’t.

Sigh. *Love*

6 thoughts on “Bag Love

  1. VERY cute wristlet! I love the pleats.

  2. love the fabric and detailing! you’re etsy shop is so cute!

  3. this is a really cute one, I love the addition of the button

  4. I can see why you love it. It’s beautiful. : )

  5. I’m the same way – I love too many things! The button is a nice touch – not too much, not too little. :o)

  6. Thanks! You are all so nice! 🙂

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