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Fabric Cover for a Mini Journal

I spent my Saturday working on making fabric journal covers. I went through 4 covers before I found the perfect measurements. Who would have guessed it would be so hard? Then I had to decide if the journal needed some sort of a closure, and if so, what sort? A button, a strap, elastic, nothing? After consulting with SciFi man and my very crafty mom (to whom I owe probably all the credit for any of my own craftiness) it was decided that an elastic strap was the way to go. I’m glad I listened to them, because the strap does make the whole thing look more finished. And you know how much I like things to look finished. Behold…

Fabric Journal Cover

I especially like that I made this for a tiny 4″x6″ notebook. It’s very portable, which I think increases the likelihood that it will actually be remembered and used. I think it’s even small enough to fit into one of my wristlets. Awesome.

Action Shot:

Fabric Journal Cover in Action

6 thoughts on “Fabric Cover for a Mini Journal

  1. Hi ! I love this cover, it’s gorgeous ! I tried to make one too a while ago and I agree that it’s hard to get the right measurements. But I see yours turned out fabulous. I gave up un mine…:P

  2. The elastic is perfect… if anyone is like me, it will find little clippings, etc. tucked into the covers of the book, so that will keep them from falling out. You have magic fingers/brain!

  3. Looks great, love the action shot 🙂

  4. This is darling! Smart move with the elastic.

  5. Wow- those are beautiful! All of the things you made for your craft fair were wonderful!

  6. Thank you for all the nice comments, everyone!

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