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Fancy Schmancy Flea Market: Preparing for My First Craft Fair

My first craft show, the Fancy Schmancy Flea Market, is coming up this Saturday, May 30th! (So if you are near Peoria, Illinois, please come check it out. The weather is supposed to be lovely!) I’ve been preparing by building up Anodyne Design stock, buying a fancy new canopy (just in case the weather isn’t so fine), and researching like crazy what one should know about selling at craft shows.

Building Up Stock

I have found lots of helpful information online.The Etsy forums have lengthy discussions on Craft Show Success Tips and What Not To Do At A Craft Fair. I gather some of this is really a matter of personal opinion (are you allowed to sit, or must you stand at all times? Do you talk to your customers, or leave them be?), but other things seem more general, like being sure to mark your prices and making sure you don’t smell. I also found some great advice at Hello Craft, Indie Craft Shows, Get Crafty, and Serenity Art.

I’ve been thinking a lot about how to set up a booth. Fluffy Flowers has a great series on setting up a craft booth at a farmer’s market. And Flickr has a couple groups devoted to craft fair booths: Arts & Craft Fairs & Shows and Show Me Your Booths.

I’d love to hear your advice and tips on selling at a craft fair, too! Please leave a comment, or send me a tweet! Now, back to that building up stock bit…

2 thoughts on “Fancy Schmancy Flea Market: Preparing for My First Craft Fair

  1. Definitely have your items priced. Just try to be organized –bring calculator, scissors, tape, paper for making new signs, string (anything you think you may end up needing during the day). I’d also say be prepared to not make a single sale! This sounds horrible but craft shows should be looked at in some ways more as a networking, marketing tool than as a selling tool. Of course you may sell out too, you never can tell. But if you are looking to sell sell sell you may be disappointed and if you go in with low expectations then you won’t be disappointed! Look at it as a way to see customers reactions to your products, talk to customers about your product, give out a ton of business cards, try to may any connection you can and let the world see what you do!!! Best of luck and have a great time! Ellen (art_n_booklike on twitter)

  2. Take lots of change. Most people will have $20’s from the ATM, so figure out your most common prices and be prepared. Take about twice as much water as you think you’ll drink. Since you’re outdoors, keep an eye on dust builiding up on your pretty fabrics. Oh, and watch for sticky fingered kids like a hawk, try to get between them and your goods so they don’t ruin things. Outdoor festivals always have messy kids! Keep an eye out for the other type of sticky fingers too, theft is inevitable.

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