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Now Appearing At…

S’more Couture

Starting this week, there are two new places you can find Anodyne Design. First, Anodyne Design wristlets, wallets, and journal covers are now available at S’more Couture in Alta, Illinois. This is a charming little boutique filled with fabulous creations from local artists and fancy things (like perfume and soap) from France. Definitely a stylish little shop in central Illinois. If you decide to stop by, you can’t miss it. It’s the pink house.

Second, Anodyne Design will be appearing at the Peoria RiverFront Market every Saturday for the season, June 6th (this weekend!) to September 26th. Be sure to stop by and say hello! SciFi Man and I went to the RiverFront Market almost every week last summer to buy most of our produce. Local veggies (and pasta, and cheese, and, and, and…) are so fresh and tasty. This is definitely a Market you’ll want to visit regularly throughout the summer.

I better get back to sewing so I can be ready for this weekend!

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  1. best wishes to your business!

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