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Daily Worth

Doubts will never completely go away. They’re part of being human. So don’t wait for them to disappear before you embrace your dreams; keep believing in them and visualizing them. You’ll be surprised at what you will accomplish. It takes courage to step out of the crowd and create a business out of an idea. Working on a full-time job and a business will take every ounce of belief that you have in your dream – and the reward will be beyond what you could’ve imagined. – Dealing with Doubts

Image borrowed from Daily Worth
Image borrowed from Daily Worth

Do you know about Daily Worth? Discovered via Modish Biz Tips, Daily Worth is a “free daily personal finance email for women,” delivering “practical tips, empowering ideas and the occasional kick in the pants,” like the snippet above!

Daily Worth keeps the emails short and sweet, which is important if you are already crunched for time or just don’t like to read through lengthy emails (both true for me). Despite their brevity, each email contains clear value, be it through information or inspiration. Personally, I have found the information about financial planning and cash vs. accrual accounting very helpful. (Every year when doing my taxes I’ve puzzled over cash vs. accrual, but no more!) My favorite emails are the ones that address the more emotional part of running your own business, such as Dealing with Doubts and Stop Apologizing.

If you haven’t already signed up, I highly encourage it! And while you’re over there, check out who else subscribes to Daily Worth. If you are already subscribed, what do you love about Daily Worth?

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  1. Sounds so encouraging and empowering.. will have to check it out. Thanks for sharing! 😉

  2. I love the daily worth blog! Ever since I signed up a couple of months ago, I have been inspired. Totally. I love anticipating the new email to come through because unlike a lot of other subscription based emails, I know that I can relate to every email in some way!

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