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A Beautiful Day at the Market

The view from my booth at the market. Can you believe that sky?
The view from my booth at the market. Can you believe that sky?

It was another beautiful day at the RiverFront Market yesterday. The sky was unbelievably blue and filled with puffy white clouds. It was cool and breezy. And the people were plentiful and friendly. I got to chat with so many people, some new and some I’m beginning to recognize as regulars. And, of course, I loaded up on fresh produce for the week. “Triple sweet corn,” a bouquet of basil (which is going into a marvelous vegan pesto tonight!), and a bag full of gorgeous peaches, among other things.

Fresh veggies at the Hartz Produce stand.
Fresh veggies at the Hartz Produce stand.

I also debuted a new quilted tote bag at the market this week. I quilted the fabric myself, in a simple pattern of perpendicular straight lines, but I think future versions of these new bags are going to give me a great opportunity to work on stippling with my new, and as-yet-unused, free-motion foot. I love the quilting and the soft structure of these bags. They’re also quite roomy, and I think rather pretty, especially with that green french velvet ribbon for trim.

New quilted tote bags.
New quilted tote bags.

All in all, it was another lovely Saturday morning and I’m looking forward to next week already! Do stop by and say hello! And remember, if you are looking for something particular that you don’t see in my booth, or my shop, I always welcome emails for custom work.

On another note, you may have noticed in my site redesign that I have added a link to the Anodyne Design Facebook fan page. Please take a moment to check it out and become a fan. I update it frequently with information about past and future events and photos. And I expect it will be home to special offers and giveaways in the future. You wouldn’t want to miss out on something like that, would you?

4 thoughts on “A Beautiful Day at the Market

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  2. I love your bags! I just discovered your blog last night via a post that’s over a year old. I just became a fan of your Facebook page.

  3. Thank you, Carla!

  4. I’m jealous of your pretty sky at the Market. The last 4 markets we went to, it rained, drizzled, or had terrible winds.

    I love your bags.

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