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A Mini Coin Purse

Someone at the farmer’s market pointed out that there was a chance coins could slip out of my card wallets. I hadn’t really thought about it, since I had made them specifically for cards, but it’s a very good point. So I went home and went to work on a zippered coin purse. The first one came out embarassingly wonky, and is now part of my private collection, the next was a tad too large, and the third was just right. (Perhaps I should have named it the Goldilocks Coin Purse if I’m going to tell it this way!) By just right, I mean it’s the same size as the card wallet, so they stack up nicely. Let me know what you think:

Coin Purse in Peacock Green

Imagine all the things you could keep in one these. Of course, my first thought was lip balm. But I think that may be my addiction talking.

One thought on “A Mini Coin Purse

  1. But putting your lip balm in it is not a bad idea. I actually put mine with my coins. 😀

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