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An Adorable Mushroomy Business Card Holder

Mushroomy Business Card Holder from Ginpins

I can’t stop smiling every time I look at this adorable business card holder. Three tiny mushrooms on a mossy green stand. Even the undersides of the mushrooms are perfect, with tiny gills. I just love it.

I needed a nice way to display my business cards at the farmer’s market, because I noticed that people either didn’t seem to see them or were afraid to take them when I simply set them on the table. I’m hoping that when they see them standing up behind these super cute mushrooms they’ll feel more comfortable taking one. And even if that isn’t the case, I don’t care, because I love these mushrooms so much.

The business card holder came from Ginny at Ginpins. She was very friendly and shipped the same day I ordered, which was awesome. She’s got all sorts of beautiful ceramic goodness in her shop. You really should check it out. If I wore earrings, I know I’d have to get a pair of hers… but which ones, tiny flowers or tiny mushrooms?

4 thoughts on “An Adorable Mushroomy Business Card Holder

  1. Shannon thanks so so much for the cardholder love! Terrific photo — your cards and the holder look as if they were made to compliment one another — such a perfect pairing :D! I’ll be smiling all day over your sweet blog post and flattering comments about my work, thank you ?

  2. I love Ginpins work – she has a style that is all her own and very recognizable.

  3. Oh, that’s adorable!

  4. Ginpins is a favorite of mine, too! Your cards do look great in her cardholder!

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