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Find Anodyne Design at Re-

reAnodyne Design Eco Wristlets and Card Wallets can now be found at re-, in the Peoria Metro Center. re- specializes in items made from re-cycled, re-purposed, or re-claimed materials. Anodyne Design products appearing there are made from recycled linens and clothing, turning unwanted and unloved fabrics into new, ready-to-love accessories.

re- has an amazing variety of sustainable products in stock, ranging from organic children’s items to re-purposed glass bottles, and reclaimed wood from wine barrels turned into platters and a lazy susan (which I oh-so-desperately want!). I picked up a special housewarming gift for my brother when I was there, and I know he’s going to love it. re- also offers a variety of classes geared towards creating something new out of something old, like old sweaters into pretty brooches and old tin cans into jewelry.  Definitely stop by and check out this unique shop if you’re in town!

Here’s a peek at some of the Anodyne Design wristlets and wallets you’ll find at re-:

Eco Wristlet made from recycled linens and sweater.
Eco Wristlet made from recycled linens and sweater.
Card Wallets made from recycled material.
Card Wallets made from recycled material.

There’s more, so you’ll have to stop by to check them out!

P.S. There’s still time to take advantage of 25% off your total order at my Etsy shop if you get me up to 100 sales (I’m currently at 98). See the details here.

9 thoughts on “Find Anodyne Design at Re-

  1. How awesome! I wish there was a re- around here!

  2. I think it’s such a great idea for a store. Maybe eventually they’ll start to pop up in other places. 🙂

  3. Those are really pretty, and the fact that they’re sustainable is even better.

  4. I really like these. Congratulations on almost 100 sales in your shop!

  5. I love the wristlet fabric! so pretty.

  6. I love the card wallets! What a great idea!

  7. What a great idea! And the wristlet looks adorable 🙂

  8. They are so cute! Love the card holders! 😉

  9. They are wonderful!

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