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Fancy Schmancy Holiday Shoppe Review

Anodyne Design at the Fancy Schmancy Holiday Shoppe

Last Saturday was the Fancy Schmancy Holiday Shoppe. The place was packed with vendors! I didn’t count, but I’m told there were over 40 of us squeezed in there. Space was tight, but I definitely preferred being close together rather than very spread out, as it was at the last Fancy Schmancy event. That may be a difference in philosophy, but as a shopper, I would like to have all the vendors in relatively the same spot, so I can be sure I don’t miss any. I had a chance to check out many of the booths at the beginning of the show, and there was a great variety of jewelers, knitters and felters, sewing, woodwork,  painting, and paper art. There were also vendors like Tupperware and Mary Kay, but I liked that they had a separate space from the handmade vendors.

With so many great artists, I thought for sure this would be a well-attended event. It’s mid-November and people are starting to think of holiday gifts. Unfortunately, the event was a lot slower than I, and many others, expected. It seemed like a lot of the shopping was going on between vendors. I did get to see one of my favorite customers from the Farmer’s Market, so that made me happy. Although sales weren’t as strong as I liked, I’m still calling this a successful event primarily because of the networking I was able to do. I saw some familiar craft show friends (Janet of Q Luvs Ya Baby! and John, who makes beautiful wood fishing lures and was my neighbor at the Farmer’s Market) and got to know a few other crafters, including Amanda of YellowDragonfly Designs. I was also able to use the time to make a bunch of new Little Hootie Owls and some pretty flower brooches.

Towards the end of the show I ended up trading with Amanda for this gorgeous necklace she custom made for me based on a pair of earrings she had for sale.

YellowDragonfly Designs custom handmade necklace.

This was definitely one of the highlights of my day. I love how it sparkles in the light, and the sterling silver chain is definitely a lot nicer than some jewelry makers use. If you aren’t already familiar with Amanda’s work, definitely check it out on Etsy.  And it’s even prettier in person!

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  1. now i’ll def have to get going posting more on etsy! lol.
    thanks for the plug. and the pendant did turn out quite pretty. 🙂

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