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My Creative Sweetheart

Although SciFi Man and I love each other dearly, we aren’t always very big on giving each other the traditional Valentine’s Day cards and flowers. This is for a reasons both environmental and frugal. It can be difficult to find locally grown, pesticide-free, affordably-priced flowers in mid-February. This year our plans were minimal and we actually ended up spending the day with a friend, instead of as a romantic twosome. SciFi Man still managed to be a sweetheart, though. When my friend and I returned from shopping for her wedding dress (of course Valentine’s Day is a fine day to do wedding shopping!), I found this sweet, unexpected origami flower waiting for me.

My sweetheart doesn’t often get crafty and make things, so this is extra special. He also told me that he came up with the center piece all on his own. (He found directions for the rest of the flower online. When I told him I would blog about this, he asked me to warn you to be careful when googling for origami flowers, as his computer was almost infected with a virus when he was searching.)

It may not be red roses and chocolate, but it’s perfect. Thank you, darling. You can be my Valentine any day.

6 thoughts on “My Creative Sweetheart

  1. How very sweet. 🙂

  2. What a lovely gift! Way better than roses and chocolate.
    You get to keep this one forever!

  3. I’m so impressed! Look how he coordinated the papers as well. It’s amazing and so beautiful! Well done, SciFi!!

  4. This is so sweet and it looks beautiful I’m thoroughly impressed

  5. Thanks everyone! I passed your kind words on to SciFi Man, and he tried to act cool, but I know he was secretly pleased. 🙂

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