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April first is not the first day of spring, but today sure feels like it! It’s finally sunny and warm enough to open the windows. The kitties and I are all enjoying the fresh breezes blowing through the house. And just a couple days ago, I finally saw buds on the trees. I can’t wait for the explosion of green that’s about to happen. I thought I should take the camera out and document a few signs of this much-awaited season.

Look at these pretty little flowers I found, just beyond the patio! They are so small, I almost missed them. They remind me of some of my favorite flowers, little white flowers that would randomly pop up in our yard when I was a kid. They were special because they were so small, and because you never knew where they might appear. I’d tell you what they were, but I really don’t know, and searching for “little white flowers” isn’t very productive. (Updated: My mom saves the day! They are Bluets.) I also found some tiny blue flowers, a few dandelions, and some vibrantly green moss. But otherwise, it looks like spring is just getting started around here.

I have also spent the last couple days preparing and sending out applications for several area art shows and farmer’s markets. Should they pan out, I’ll have a busy and fun spring and summer coming up! I’ll keep you posted.

One place I’ll definitely be this month is the Earth Day Festival at Forest Park Nature Center in Peoria Heights. It’s on Saturday, April 24th from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m., and from what I hear, there will be all sorts of local artists, live entertainment, food, and general earthy goodness. I’ll be featuring my handmade goodies made from recycled materials, such as bags and wallets made from repurposed linens and clothing, and paper goods made from perfectly lovely scraps of paper that would otherwise be trash-bin-bound, like outdated maps. I hope I’ll see you there!

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    1. You are right! Thanks!

  1. Hi Shannon,

    Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog! It is so fun to get them when you are first starting out :). I sure wish I was anywhere near you so I could browse your booth at the fairs. I still enjoy using my little green flowered wallet, and my Mom loved the queen anne’s lace blue bag for her birthday- both from your Etsy shop! We are enjoying an early (but stormy) spring here- lots of grape hyacinths and tulips are popping up. The color is great!

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