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Just One Thing…

I walked into the fabric store yesterday with the intention of just picking up some purple fabric to complete a custom order. But then, of course, they were having a sale, and there were some great things in the remnants pile, and those little owls were calling my name, and and…

New Fabric
New Fabric (+ one kitty paw)

And I walked out of the store with a stack of new fabric.

When Roo saw me getting ready to take a picture of the pile of fabric, he hurried over to help me style it. Hence the errant paw. If he had his way, I don’t think there would be a stack of fabric or photo untended by him.

One thought on “Just One Thing…

  1. I think Roo might just be claiming that fabric print. I don’t blame him, it’s lovely.
    Great finds.

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