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Mark Your Calendars – Upcoming Events

Just a little reminder: The Earth Day Festival I’ve been talking about all week is TOMORROW. I know, I know, Earth Day was yesterday, but festivals just work better on weekends. And besides, weren’t you all just saying, “Earth Day should be everyday”? I bet you were. So pretend like it’s everyday and come out to the festival tomorrow.

It’s rainy and miserable out today, but I have it from a good source (yeah, that the rain should let up for the whole duration of the festival, the sun should peek out, and the temperature will be a positively balmy 70 degrees. Seriously, take advantage of the break in the rain to come out, hear some music, eat some food, celebrate being good stewards of the planet, and check out the local art and craft scene. While I can’t speak for everyone, I know I will have lots of specially-prepared eco-friendly goodies out, and yellowdragonfly designs will be there with some awesome vintage luggage that she has transformed into tables.

Bloomington Farmer's MarketI have a few other events to tell you about,  too! First, did you notice that I have a little “Upcoming Events” box in the right sidebar? In case you are looking for Anodyne Design this summer, you can find out where I’ll be by checking that space. After the Earth Day Festival, I’ll be at the Peoria Heights Art Fair on May 8th, and the Fancy Schmancy Market on May 15th. I will also be sharing a space with yellowdragonfly designs at the Bloomington Farmer’s Market all summer long, starting on May 15th.

I’m really excited about the start of market season this year. I just started doing them last year, and being a naturally shy person I was pretty nervous about it. I hadn’t anticipated how fun and satisfying it would be to interact with people who share my interests in buying local and handmade. I’ve missed it all winter. I hope to see some of you at one or more of these markets and festivals. If you make it out, do stop and say hello!

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