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Earth Day Festival

Anodyne Design at Earth Day Festival

The Earth Day Festival was marvelous! Despite the constant threat of rain, there was a steady stream of people the whole day, and the rain politely waited until the very end of the festival before it started. I had a great time meeting new people, seeing some familiar faces, and talking about how Anodyne Design is environmentally friendly. From the Little Hootie Owls, which everyone seemed to love and which are made with felt made from post-consumer recycled plastic bottles, to the wallets and wristlets made from vintage sheets and thrifted clothing, I realized as I was talking a lot of the things I make are really about giving a second life to old items. I also realized that saying, “I made this bag from old pants,” doesn’t sound too pretty, but there you have it. Even though it didn’t sound pretty, the bags are pretty, and the fact that they’re using recycled materials is beautiful.

Thank you to everyone who came out. It was great to see you!

3 thoughts on “Earth Day Festival

  1. What a great display!
    Colorful and cheerful and great variety. Isn’t craft show season fun!! I can hardly wait 🙂

  2. I always love your displays! Great work, especially on this one. The pink owls are my fav. Hey, recycling is recycling. I think it’s great that you turn something old and forgotten into something new an useful.

  3. Thank you, Carol Emma and Tanya! I do love how perfectly the owls fit in the little egg plates. 🙂

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