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A Cold, Windy Day for an Art Fair

It was a windy day at the Peoria Heights Art Fair yesterday. Windy, cold, overcast, and decidedly un-lovely weather-wise. That was really unfortunate, both for the artists and the shoppers. At least it didn’t rain. And I have extra love for all the people who were willing to brave the weather, after a week of gorgeous, warm, spring-like weather, to come out and see what everyone has been creating. One of the organizers came around halfway through and told me if I wanted to pack up and go home, because of the cold, I could and other artists were doing just that. Amanda and I stuck it out and stayed until the end, though, and I think it was worth it.

Anodyne Design at the Peoria Heights Art Fair
Anodyne Design at the Peoria Heights Art Fair (click image to see a larger version with notes)

Despite the cold and the wind (for which I finally had to figure out how to put the sides up on my tent), I had a great time meeting and talking with new people throughout the day. And I love knowing that some of them left with with a new Little Hootie Owl mobile to hang in their baby’s room, or a journal to give a friend. As usual, the general consensus was that Little Hootie Owls are terribly adorable, and that tiny things are cute.

Of course, today the sun is shining and the wind is gone and it would be a lovely day for a street fair. But it will be summer soon, and I expect there will be lots of lovely days like today at the Farmer’s Market, First Fridays, and Rhapsody in Bloom. And next weekend, just to be on the safe side, the Fancy Schmancy Market, will be indoors, where the weather is always perfect.

3 thoughts on “A Cold, Windy Day for an Art Fair

  1. Your setup looks great. I wish I could have checked out all the booths. The wind was horrible but I stuck out until the very end, too. Glad your day was worth it! Mine was, too.

  2. Your setup has come a long way since earth day1 Nice work. I had very little time away from my booth. I did see Tanya but didn’t find time to walk down the street. Despite the weather I enjoyed meeting some great folks.

  3. Thanks Tanya and Joan! I’m glad I was able to come by and say hello to both of you at the very end, but it would have nice to be able to get away for a moments during the day to take in the whole show, wouldn’t it?

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