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Time flies… when you’re working all the time.

Whoa! Where have I been?!

I got a job… a massive, time-sucking, blog-abandoning job. But I missed you. And I never meant to abandon the blog. So this is me, peeking my head in to say, “hey, I’m sorry. I’m still alive, and I’m going to be better about blogging again.” Are we cool?

Speaking of time sucking, I’ve been working on making some clocks as a way to create something functional, and highlight fabulous bits of fabric. If you stick around, I’ll get a picture when the light is good, like, tomorrow, and share my latest effort with you… and for now, back to the salt mines.

One thought on “Time flies… when you’re working all the time.

  1. Yes, we’re cool 🙂
    I’ve noticed a lot of blog abandonment over the summer. I’ve stepped away from mine again too.
    Hope your new job is just what you needed and that you will still find time to pop in and say hi now and then – no pressure 🙂

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