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Taking Photos

I spent some time this morning taking advantage of the sunlight and taking photos of little hootie owls. After looking at them, though, I think I need to redo the whole thing. I think I set the exposure too high, and everything looks a bit washed out. I did get one lovely photo, though. This little hootie owl hanging in a metal tree I found at Joanne Fabrics last fall.

Now it’s back to the light box, to try to get some truer colors. Wish me luck! or better yet, share some tips with me for getting great photos, because I’m often underwhelmed with my photos. What are your secrets?

UPDATED: I retook all the photos with a lower exposure, and everything looks much better. I listed the whole flock of owls on Etsy.

One thought on “Taking Photos

  1. I could imagine a whole tree decorated with these little guys. So sweet.

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