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Snow Day

We’re snowed in today! We got a couple feet of snow, and with all the strong winds, it’s been piled in to high drifts. We spent the first part of the morning enviously watching our snow-blower-owning neighbors clear their driveways. I’m baking a carrot cake now, and then it’s my turn to go outside and try to dig us out. I’m wondering now why I didn’t think I needed a snow blower…

2 thoughts on “Snow Day

  1. Carrot cake… yum! Snow blowers – great for these stormy days when there’s feet of snow. Maybe you can bribe a snow-blowing neighbour with some carrot cake?

  2. I met one neighbor later in the day who said she’d lend me her snowblower, except that it was no match for the massive amount of snow… Perhaps if people knew I was offering carrot cake, it would bring out the ones with more powerful snow blowers. 🙂

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