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First Spring Flowers

A good piece of advice my grandmother gave me: wait to see what pops up in the garden in your new home before you start digging around.

Now that I have a home with a yard, I see what she means. Moving in during fall meant I only got to see the tail end of what was going on in my yard. Now that spring is starting to creep in, unexpected flowers are popping up, too. And just in time… winter was really wearing out her welcome.

I recognize the crocuses, and they are a marvelous splash of color. But there are some things starting to pop up that are a mystery to me, too. Can anyone tell me what these great curled leaves belong to?

3 thoughts on “First Spring Flowers

  1. Those flowers are beautiful! When my parents bought their last house in the Fall, it was fun to see what flowers popped up in the Spring 🙂

  2. It’s been a long time since I had a flower garden but I think those are tulips getting a good start on spring.

  3. I want to say hosta but I could be very very wrong. The leaves look familiar though!

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