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Vertigo Exercises

Apparently I have vertigo because I’ve angered the crystals in my ears. Or they’re out of alignment or something. It’s hard to understand, because I didn’t even realize I had crystals in my ears until my doctor told me I’d messed them up. I feel like I have align my chakras now. But I don’t even know what that means.

Actually, what I need to do are the exercises illustrated above. There’s no medication for vertigo (except meclizine for motion sickness, which I seem to be immune to.) Instead, you do these rolling-around-in-bed exercises, which make your ears happy, and re-align your ear crystals. Maybe. In a few days.

2 thoughts on “Vertigo Exercises

  1. ??!!
    I stumbled upon your blog this AM (via Flikr). I thought I was the ONLY person on the planet who had experienced this!! I ended up going to a doctor for this problem (I was convinced I had a tumor and was going to die before sunrise). He performed this exercise in office and I almost puked on him. It did, however, fix the problem. 🙂

  2. Jen– I’ve since had this happen a couple more times. Once while I was pregnant–extra fun! Each time, the only thing that works is these exercises. It’s a good thing I scanned a picture, so I can remember what to do.

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