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Desk Update

I went to IKEA, prepared to purchase the parts for a new desk. It seemed like I was thwarted at every step of the process. The store did not have the Vika Amon table tops I wanted in stock. They did have the Vika Alex drawer units, but they seemed more flimsy than I had expected or wanted. I tried to buy just legs, with a plan to simply attach them to a table top I made myself, only to learn the legs required a frame which was certainly too long to fit into my car. I left IKEA with no desk parts whatsoever and the knowledge that I needed a new desk plan.

I also left with a couple of new non-desk-related items for my room, including this fabulous turquoise Raskog cart:

Raskog Cart

Apparently, everyone else already knew about this cart as soon as IKEA released it into the world. But I had the fun of discovering it for myself in the store, because IKEA kindly displayed it right at the top of the stairs as you enter the showroom. I saw it and immediately informed my husband that it would be coming home with us. He thought I was joking. Ha.

As for the new desk plan, I revisited the idea of building a desk with countertop and kitchen cabinets. Kitchen cabinets, however, are not desk height. Buying desk height cabinets is a special process that takes time and extra money. Too frustrating. After too much angst-ridden searching, I stumbled upon the IKEA Melltorp table.

IKEA Melltorp Table

I didn’t look at this table when I went to IKEA because I was so focused on a Vika desk. But Apartment Therapy showed me what a perfect desk the Melltorp can be. And truly, all I really wanted all along was a table top on legs. This is perfect. I needed two of the longer tables and one short one to fill my wall. I ordered them online, as they wouldn’t fit in my car anyway, and they are supposed to arrive tomorrow. I’m pretty excited to set up my new desk. Next up, a new cutting table and plans to revamp my tired black file cabinet.

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