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My New Desk

Melltorp Desk

Back in the spring, I went on a quest for a new desk. It started at IKEA, was thwarted, wandered around lost, and ended back at IKEA. All I really wanted was basically a long table that would give me lots of room to spread out and do everything I want to do on a desk. To answer to my needs turned out to be 3 IKEA Melltorp tables.

Melltorp Desk

I live far enough away from IKEA that driving to get these tables wasn’t really practical. Even with the outrageous cost of shipping, ordering them online was cheaper than picking them up myself. A word of caution to IKEA online shoppers: their shipping needs some serious work. The tables weren’t packaged well, and had to be replaced 2 times before I got all three undamaged. That said, IKEA’s customer service is better than their shipping department. And though it was frustrating waiting for replacements, I’m very happy with the final result. The tables are just what I had envisioned, and they feel sturdy. I’ve used them for a couple months now and I’m still happy.

The room still needs a new paint color and new curtains, but I do love my view. I’ve also got to do a little bit of cable management, and I’m planning to make a curtain to hide my under-desk storage on the right.

4 thoughts on “My New Desk

  1. Cool idea!! I am seriously thinking about doing something similar?? Is this still working for you? (I found your blog today, but this post was in summer of 2013. Thanks for sharing!!

    1. Yes, this is still my desk and I still love it. 🙂 I love having so much work space.

  2. Where did you get the aqua drawers??? I want one.

    1. The drawers are pretty, but not very large and I wish they had drawer glides, but they don’t. Just something to keep in mind if your considering buying them.

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