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A Simple Curtain

When I showed you my new desk, I mentioned that I needed to make a curtain to hide some of my under-desk clutter. The nice thing about the Melltorp tables is that they have a slightly recessed space under the top, before the support bars, which created a perfect little space for a curtain. I had some old tension rods from a time when I had cafe curtains in the kitchen windows, and one of them was the right size for the 29″ Melltorp table.

This desk with a curtain underneath provided some inspiration:

Curtains under a desk

I made a simple pocket curtain using the same fabric I used with some of my Expedit bins. I started with a piece of fabric that was 32″ long and about 40″ wide. This allowed me to hem the bottom and sides, and create about a 1.5″ pocket at the top for the tension rod. Although the table opening was a 27″ square, I made the fabric wider so that it wouldn’t hang completely flat.

Melltorp Curtain

It didn’t take long, and it looks so much better, don’t you think?

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