About Anodyne Design

Anodyne Design is a small business focused on handmade accessories, ranging from wallets and bags to fabric-covered journals and small stuffed owls. Along the way, my design aesthetic has evolved to be largely “cute” and feminine, without being fussy. Although I do occasionally stray off the path of cute and feminine, my items are always designed to be attractive, well-made, and durable. I work with materials that I would love to use everyday and I make items that I would love to own and use. I sell nothing that I would not find acceptable for my own use.

I also make an effort to to operate in an environmentally responsible way. In particular, I focus on:

  • using environmentally responsible materials such as recycled fabrics (from vintage linens and gently used clothing) and felt made from post-consumer recycled plastic bottles,
  • using packaging made from recycled materials (or to re-use perfectly good packaging), and
  • creating items that can be used again and again in the place of disposable items (such as reusable market bags and cloth napkins)

If you are curious about the name, Anodyne Design, you can read about it here.

About Shannon

I’m in love with all things creative. If I can’t do it, I wish I could, and I’ll probably try. I sew, embroider, paint, write, and sing when no one is listening. I’ve tried crochet and knitting without much success, and will probably try again in the future. I would love to find the time and the money to try my hand at jewelry making, glass-blowing, pottery, and a million other things. I dabble in web design, love cooking (but hate cleaning up!), and would like to adopt every stray kitty I find.

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